4 new subspecies of nymphalid butterflies from China (Tibet, Qinghai and Hainan) are described and illustrated, on the basis of material deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China (IZCAS): Fabriciana adippe milina Lang subspec. nov.. Me-soacidalia clara menba Lang subspec. nov., M. clara tongtianensis Lang subspec. nov. and Euthalia hoa isolata Lang subspec. nov. Mesoacidalia clara neoclara Chou, Yuan, Yin, Zhang et Chen, 2002 syn. nov. is found to be a new synonym of M. clara clarina (Staudinger, 1901). Symbrenthia silana de Nicéville, 1885 is recorded from China for the first time. Euthalia anosia recta Miyata et Hanafusa, 1989 is a secondary homonym of Euthalia recta (de Nicéville, 1886). Euthalia anosia yao Yoshino, 1997 stat. nov. is raised to species status and its d is formally described here for the first time.